Franco Brambilla
LP Cover ArtZubatto Syndicate 2
Inside artworkMilano UpSideDownThe Hard Life of The Red ShirtsB Movies Fight Club"Aiuto Mi Sono Perso"The Sands Of MarsThe Big Triffid's ReunionThe Riviera Of The TriffidsGuess Who's Coming to DinnerNo... These Are Not..."I'm Sorry, Frank..."Urania... Since 1952!"The Ballad Of Yavin"Lets Go Back To The ClassicsAustral Summer Beach GamesA4God!Lets Go Back To The AlpsDalek Love Is In The Air"These Are The Droids...""To Boldly Go..."Last Ski RunTime To GoJurassic RivieraOdio L'Estate (I Hate Summer)Ultra Toys Last All Summer... In Sofia.SpaceSofia2011Eddy CanadaChange Of The GuardVacanze RomaneBack to "Passo Ufo"Zubatto Syndicate
cd/lp Cover ArtZubatto Syndicate
New cd/lp Inside artworkFeeding Time No Candy BearsThe Boat Of Love - Playing The Bermuda TriangleThe Galactic Tea Of LoveThe Boat Of Love - Playing With DisasterHave A BreakMillenniumHoneyMoon Benevento Imperial Minigolf Final ExamThe Adriatic Bubble Ferry TerminalYou Cant Really Hide...MillenniumHoneyMoonUfoHotel - No Vacancy No InvasionMad Men In Black Lazy Days Of SummerVacanze Separate Separate VacationsSant Agatha - Alphans Miraculous Return To EarthAnything Can HappenBeware The Friendly StrangerInvading The VillaA Tarot Card: Strenght"Insomnia""Un Piccolo Dubbio" Our Lord Of DarknessWe Sell Used Cars And Droids...Dagobaths Au Printemps!At At Lido Cup!The Aquatic Conspiracy Of SilenceGreetings From SwitzerlandHotel AmbasciatoriImperial Rodeo!Pride, With A Swiss AllureEarth PlesuresEx VotoChance Encounter Of The 3rd KindCounty Bridge 203War Is OverReBibleAtomic Fist LeisureSmorgasbord3+2=Cinque GiornateMore Than RealTeach Me How To FightReturn of BarbarellaAnother WorldHigh NoonDie, Mechadyno! Die!Big GameGo, Mecha Ape!!Misericordia, Alien ParadeWater Wonderful WorldHoly WatersSpace AlpigianityLake BaseShado Big Night OutTwo Girls And A CrabAliens TrekkingSkibotLove The AlienMothershipWhat's Up GuysThree Aliens TrekkingAliens At WorkLacunar AmnesiaPasso UfoBeach Games FinalsSpacescargots TrinityUltraguy Stopping TimeUltraguy VS DynobotThe Final Battle
Invading The Vintage
Cute Aliens invading grandpa'postcards, scifi movies and old tv shows.
Giclee prints on cotton paper signed and numbered by the author available on demand.

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